by Carmen Trocker, Documentary Film

The House

Das Haus
2016, 61 min.

THE HOUSE is where the visual artist Hubert Kostner lives and works.

THE HOUSE stands out radically from the surrounding architecture, but at the same time refers to an Alpine rural building tradition and captivates through its form and material.

THE HOUSE is an aesthetic statement and the result of a very intensive collaboration between artist and architect, who complemented each other congenially in the search for a clear, radical language for this project. The film poses the question of what this HOUSE has to tell, what it refers to and what new paths and directions it can point out.


Produced by Bagarrefilm
with the participation of: Provinz Bozen – Südtirol – Provincia Bolzano – Alto Adige. Deutsche Kultur – Cultura tedesca.

Hubert Kostner – Sandy Attia – Matteo Scagnol – Paul Tirler – Monica Shenouda with students of the University of Virginia – Rita Kostner – Alessandro Casciaro.

Written and directed by
Carmen Trocker

Cinematographer: Carmen Trocker

Sound/Sounddesign: Anouschka Trocker
2nd unit Camera: Vincenzo Mancuso
Colour Grading: Clemens Seiz


Trento Film Festival 2016
Art Doc Festival Rom 2016
ArchFilmFest London 2017
Milano Design Festival 2017
etc. …