by Bagarre Film, by Carmen Trocker, Documentary Film


(in post-production)
2024, 93 Min.

PERSONALE tells about the housekeeping team of a hotel in the Italian Dolomites.

In the laundry and in the corridors of the hotel, we explore their work: their movements, their gestures, their paths and their processes, and well see their stories resonating inside the hotels structures. The film inverts the view and looks with the workers in the backstage of the tourist narrative.


Produced by
Carmen Trocker, Ronny Trocker

Ralph Wieser

Directed by
Carmen Trocker

Cinematographer: Małgorzata Szyłak

Sound and Sounddesign: Nora Czamler (FTA)

Editing: Federico Neri (BFS)
Postprocution: Cinecromatix Italy
Soudpostproduciton: Menura Film