by Carmen Trocker, Documentary Film

Hanna – Day in day out

Hanna – Tagein Tagaus
2004, 63 min.

Hanna runs a small farm in the hills of South Tyrol/Italy. She took over the farm as a young women and never got married. She had to fight her way through a male dominated world. We accompanied her over the course of a year.


produced by
Carmen Trocker with the support of Provinz Bozen – Südtirol – Provincia Bolzano – Alto Adige.

Johanna Nössing

Written and directed by
Carmen Trocker

Cinematographer: Miguel Vargas
Sound: Matthias Höglinger, Anouschka Trocker
Mixing: Studio P4/Jean Szymczak


Trento Film Festival
Bansko International Mountain Film Festival
etc. …